Sunday, August 27, 2017


Whew! A lot of stuff going on at Good Ideas Comics!

Mars One #3 is now available in print! This final chapter concludes the Mars One story with all 3 issues available digitally AND in print! Mars One is written & lettered by Mark Stanislawski with art by Mattia Vagnetti and colors by Keelan Malo-Smith!
Order your copy through DCBS or our store!

Lucas Hahn #2 is now available digitally on DriveThru Comics! This is the middle chapter of our opening 3-issue arc. We learn more about young Lucas' past and by the end of this chapter, that past comes back to smack Lucas in the face! Lucas Hahn: Sins of the Father #2 is written and lettered by Mark Stanislawski with art by Bo Christian and colors by Cody Harder!
Get it here!

We're down to the last four copies of our initial print run of Mars One #1! Once they're gone, they're gone! Get yours today!

Good Ideas Comics is developing a new talent horror anthology titled Rigor Mortis! We have some great new comic talent contributing their talents including Max Meier, Raul Orte and Rahil Mohsin! Any interested parties wanting to learn more should e-mail!

We're also gearing up to add The Elvis Files #2, Mars One #1 and Mars Invades Venus to Comixology! The Elvis Files #1 can be found on Comixology here!

As always, everyone involved in making these books appreciate your patronage and hope that you enjoy the books! More are on the way!